The Kapital Hospital, Abuja, opened on 3rd March 2007. Is one of the Kapital group of Hospitals. Kapital Hospital and Dialysis Centre is a fully equipped ultra modern 25 bed medical centre providing extensive general and specialist healthcare and diagnostic services to residents, visiting business people as well as holiday makers read more...

Visitors Information

For security reasons, we request visitors report to main reception and to the nursing station before entering clients’ rooms. Snack Bar The Snack Bar serves hot homemade pastries with hot or cold drinks. The Bar is open from 9am to 10pm every day including public holidays. The Bar is located near the main entrance to the hospital. Read more

Our Patient

Receive care and treatment that safeguards your personal dignity and respects your cultural, psychological and spiritual values. Receive care in a clean, safe, serene and healthy environment without discrimination with respect to race, gender, country of origin, age, political beliefs or disability. Read more

Doctors information

The duties of medical doctors include the examination of patients, diagnosis, the prescription of medicine, minor operations and different treatments for injuries, diseases and other ailments. It further includes promoting healthy communities by educating them and promoting community development and also acting as a role model. Read more

Nurses and reception

Nurses represent the largest health care profession in the Africa. Nurses don’t just work in hospitals, they are in primary care settings (like clinics, health care offices), schools, homes, rehabilitation and nursing homes, and public health clinics. Nurses work throughout your community providing a range of services and caring. Read more